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Players Continue to Discover Rare Summons in Elden Ring Even After 900 Hours Playtime

Players Continue to Discover Rare Summons in Elden Ring Even After 900 Hours Playtime

After spending approximately 900 hours playing the newest masterpiece from FromSoftware, a seasoned Elden Ring player recently made a fantastic discovery. Due to this revelation, players are conversing about their encounters with very enigmatic summons.

The committed player described how they had recently discovered the ability to call Sorceress Sellen for the Red Wolf of Radagon boss battle in the post on Reddit. This information fits with the game’s narrative since Sellen was formerly affiliated with Raya Lucaria Academy before being expelled. It’s a summons, though, and it’s pretty simple to ignore.

Unfortunately, completing Ranni’s and Sellen’s questlines to quite specific points is necessary to call Sellen for the pivotal confrontation with the Red Wolf of Radagon. We won’t go into details in this article to save giving away any of Elden Ring’s intricate narratives but suffice it to say that this summons is one of the hardest to unlock.

Other gamers share their experiences with the rarest summons in the Reddit post’s comments section. During a battle with Mohg, The Omen, one player draws attention to the Loathsome Dung Eater’s capacity to be called upon. This perfectly illustrates a character that many gamers could never have imagined might be called upon in any situation.

Another intriguing illustration is the ability to summon Pollyanna as an ally for the Commander O’Neil boss battle. There needs to be more clarification on the subreddit regarding how to call up Pollyanna for this specific encounter. Players must progress through Gowry’s quest line until he requests the Unalloyed Gold Needle, it seems, to bring about Pollyanna’s appearance. Suddenly, a summons sign for Pollyanna will appear close to O’Neil’s arena.

It’s important to note that players who played Elden Ring soon after its first release can easily overlook these summon indicators. This is because not all these summoning possibilities existed when the game first launched. After the game’s premiere, FromSoftware added new questlines, which unlocked different summons for particular boss fights. So, don’t be too hard on yourself if you missed this summons.

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