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Fortnite Gets a Star Wars Makeover: Ahsoka Tano and More

Fortnite Gets a Star Wars Makeover: Ahsoka Tano and More

Fortnite fans are very pleased with v26.20 update in Chapter 4, Season 4, which was dropped on September 25, 2023. While this update did not bring about huge changes, it does promise to revive Star Wars weaponry and equipment, much to the pleasure of the player community. Furthermore, players can look forward to the addition of new Challenges and Snapshot Quests, which will inject unique and intriguing gameplay aspects.

One of the most anticipated aspects of this update was the appearance of Ahsoka Tano in the Fortnite universe. The Ahsoka Tano Outfit will finally be available to players, corresponding with the conclusion of Ahsoka’s journey in the Disney+ series. With the character’s popularity skyrocketing, fans can now play as Ahsoka in the game. Along with the Outfit, Epic Games has prepared a variety of Ahsoka-themed cosmetics, boosting players’ excitement and anticipation.

Ahsoka Tano has paved the way for reintroducing other classic Star Wars characters. Force Powers, Lightsabers, and Blasters could re-enter the game, expanding players’ gaming options. While the reintroduction of Stormtroopers as NPCs appears doubtful, Fortnite’s vast metaverse is notorious for its surprises, and fans are anxious to see what Epic Games has.

Unfortunately, the update has also mark the end of Fortnite’s birthday celebration, with all associated products and events being archived. The popular Deku’s Smash Mythic item, created as part of the My Hero Academia partnership, will also be included in the vault. Despite this, players can still use it in Creative Maps following the update.

Furthermore, the impending October Crew Pack is still shrouded in mystery, with Epic Games effectively keeping it hidden, making players curious about what lies ahead. There have been numerous speculations that it is related to Fortnitemares or the ongoing plot surrounding Kado Thorne’s time machine, which might lead to a Heist-themed content pack. Details will be revealed in due course, heightening the sense of excitement.

Because the update coincides with the arrival of Fortnitemares 2023 in October, data miners are likely to find details about the next event within the game files. While leaks have provided a glimpse, much more remains to come. Players may expect to learn more as the break concludes and they enter the action-packed world of Fortnite.

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