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Ghostwire Tokyo Attracts a 6 Million Player Base

Ghostwire Tokyo Attracts a 6 Million Player Base

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s distinctive fusion of open-world exploration, first-person spellcasting, and horror elements may not have sparked the game industry, but it certainly made an impact. It has attracted a devoted following. The official Twitter account boastfully states, Ghostwire: 6 million players have ventured the Tokyo’s spooky streets! But that doesn’t make those passageways any less weird.

It’s important to note that Ghostwire: Tokyo’s inclusion in Game Pass has undoubtedly increased the number of players who have downloaded the game; nonetheless, even on Game Pass, gamers must be interested in a game for it to be installed. This is especially true for a game with an installation over 20GB, like Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The Game received a decent 72 out of 100 points in our review when it was published, which prompted comparisons to games like BioShock. According to our inspection, “Although it’s far from perfect, Ghostwire is like a drink of Coke after a long day of sunbathing since it has so much of the spirit of these earlier action games. Even though drinking water might be healthier for you, you still want to indulge in something sweet and sugary.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo has recently received a big, free update called “Spider’s Thread.” This update added a dodge feature and a roguelite mode in response to player feedback. Notably, it also featured a sizable sidequest called “Fear the Children,” which was heavily inspired by The Ring and was set in a haunted high school.

With this particular quest, the emphasis was placed on horror rather than combat and acquisition. As director Kenji Kimura indicated a more significant focus on pure spectacle, it was favorably appreciated by players and hinted at the potential direction for a sequel. This departure from Ghostwire: Tokyo’s typical map filled with icons and shooting challenges shows that Tango Gameworks excels in horror.

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