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Lenovo Unveils AMD Ryzen 7 7840S Phoenix CPU with 30W TDP

Lenovo Unveils AMD Ryzen 7 7840S Phoenix CPU with 30W TDP

Custom processors tailored to the specific demands of AMD’s enterprise customers are essential to AMD’s current business strategy. These bespoke chips are designed for organizations that require customized CPU configurations rather than the general consumer. While “semi-custom business” refers typically to specialized chips used in devices such as the Steam Deck and significant gaming consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation, AMD has been expanding its custom branding efforts to what is essentially ordinary silicon.

One famous example is the Ryzen Z1 chips used in ASUS’ ROG Ally portable gadget. These processors are fundamentally identical to AMD’s Ryzen 7040 series laptop CPUs but with several differences. They turn off the Ryzen AI co-processor and include bespoke power-managementfirmware. Lenovo has also obtained customized AMD parts, such as the Ryzen 7040S series.

Consider the Ryzen 7040S series similar to the HS chips but with a 30W TDP (Thermal Design Power) rather than the HS (full-power laptop processors). There are two Ryzen 7040S models: the Ryzen 5 7640S and the Ryzen 7 7840S. In terms of core count, functionality, and clock rates, these chips appear almost identical to their “HS” counterparts. The primary difference between them is their power limit. While HS processors can be configured between 35 and 54 watts, the “S” series works at a constant 30 watts.

The Chinese website MyDrivers reviewed the Lenovo Yoga Air 14S 2023 Ryzen Edition, which provided information about these CPUs. The Ryzen 7 7840S CPUwas used in the laptop they examined, and the site compared it against laptops equipped with Ryzen 9 7940HS processors and the previous-generation Ryzen 9 6900HS chips.

Remember that the Ryzen 7 7840S and Ryzen 9 7940HS CPUs are rated at 45 watts. In this context, the final performance results are pretty good, with the Ryzen 7 7840S behind the Ryzen 9 7940HS by only 5% and topping the Ryzen 9 6900HS by 6-7%. It’s crucial to note that these benchmarks only look at CPU performance. When considering the integrated Radeon GPUs, the additional 15 watts given by the greater TDP of the other CPUs may give them an advantage in graphics-related workloads.

Furthermore, the MyDrivers review evaluated the laptop’s battery life with the PCMark Video Battery test, returning an outstanding result of 10 to 11 hours. This is impressive, especially given that the computer has a 14-inch 29441840 OLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. The panel has a peak brightness of 600 nits and is Dolby Vision andVESA DisplayHDR 500 certified, a new standard intended exclusively for thin laptop screens.

According to MyDrivers, the Lenovo Yoga Air 14s Ryzen Edition has a 1TB SSD and an option of 16GB or 32GB of memory.

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