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AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000WX Series with 96 Zen4 Cores Confirmed in CPU-Z Update

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000WX Series with 96 Zen4 Cores Confirmed in CPU-Z Update

The recent CPU-Z update confirms upcoming Intel and AMD CPU lineups, expanding compatibility to include Intel’s Core Raptor Lake Refresh Entry-Level Models and AMD’s Storm Peak Threadripper PRO Series.

This recent update to the industry’s primary CPU software tool confirms Intel and AMD’s forthcoming CPU lineups. While the program already supported the 14th Gen Core Raptor Lake Refresh series, this update expands its compatibility to include entry-level Core i3 and Core i5 machines, notably the 14100, 14400, and 14500 variations with varied power ratings (35/65W).

Furthermore, this update offers official support for individual CPUs from AMD’s Storm Peak (STP) family, representing the next-generation HEDT and workstation Threadripper PRO portfolio. It’s worth mentioning that the software has had preliminary Storm Peak support since May of this year, but the CPUs haven’t yet been released.

The Storm Peak series will have five different SKUs, ranging from 16 to 96 cores, according to the changelog in the 2.08 release. These CPUs will use the Zen4 architecture based on Genoa chips with similar packaging and sockets. Those in the HEDT market should be aware that a new motherboard with the TRX50 chipset will be required, as well as PCIe Gen5 storage and DDR5 memory – significant improvements over the previous Threadripper 5000 (Zen3) series.

CPU-Z 2.08

The recent CPU-Z 2.08 update increases support for Intel’s Meteor Lake processors with varying power ratings (RPL, 2c, 65/35W). It also works with AMD Threadripper PRO processors, including the 7995WX (STP, 96c), 7985WX (STP, 64c), 7975WX (STP, 32c), 7955WX (STP, 16c), and 7945WX (STP). There is also preliminary support for AMD EPYC Bergamo, and the latency caused by version verification has been eliminated.

Regarding specifications, the change record indicates that the Threadripper PRO 7945WX is the lowest SKU in the series. Although it does not show the core count for this model, it is likely to have fewer than 16 cores because the 7955WX has 16 cores.

Recent leaks have revealed some information about the impending Threadripper series. AMD will formally debut the new portfolio in autumn, with the flagship SKU boasting an astonishing 96 cores. AMD promises a significant 20% boost in performance over the 5000 series.

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