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Referencing Fallout 76’s Development, Bethesda’s Pete Hines Stated that RedFall Will Become a Fantastic Game

Referencing Fallout 76’s Development, Bethesda’s Pete Hines Stated that RedFall Will Become a Fantastic Game

Despite RedFall’s unimpressive initial reception upon its release earlier this year, Pete Hines, the head of publishing at Bethesda Softworks, has assured that Arkane Studios is committed to improving it. Hines is sure that as the game develops, it will become a highly sought-after product that will remain on Game Pass for many years.

Hines talked about how Bethesda reacted as a publisher to the reception of RedFall in an interview with He emphasized that the company has a ton of experience dealing with games that didn’t have the best launches, and they don’t give up on projects just because they didn’t have the best start.

He said, “We’re the same company that has dealt with launches that didn’t go as planned, and we don’t quit or abandon projects just because they had a rocky start.” “The Elder Scrolls Online’s PC launch had difficulties, but we persisted. It’s a hugely well-liked multiplatform game right now. This also holds for Fallout 76 and RedFall seems the same to us.”

“Even though the game may not have gotten off to the best start, it’s still fun, and we’re determined to improve it.” We’re attempting to maintain a 60 frames per second frame rate. As a first-party studio, we understand the importance of Game Pass and are committed to making a fantastic game. New Game Pass subscribers will start popping up in ten years, and RedFall will be there.

Bethesda is still committed to improving RedFall despite the less-than-perfect start, highlighting the game’s inherent entertainment potential.

RedFall originally featured a 30fps cap, but Bethesda promised to add a 60fps performance level this year. The game’s first significant patch, released in June, offered several improvements, including enhancements to the gameplay, AI, UI, multiplayer, and combat. The eagerly awaited 60fps improvement was still pending, though. Currently, neither the release date nor the precise content of the next patch is officially known.

When it was first released, we gave RedFall a 4/10 rating, criticizing its uninspired objectives, “dim-witted foes,” and several technical problems. After its release, the game received harsh criticism from both players and critics, and it is said that the development process presented substantial difficulties. Executives like Phil Spencer and Matt Booty have made statements about Xbox’s role in RedFall’s problematic launch due to the game’s troubled launch.

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