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PS5 Follow-up: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Heads to PC

PS5 Follow-up: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Heads to PC

Fans were treated to a surreal spectacle in the most recent Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth teaser that featured a horse, Cloud riding a Segway, and the much-awaited release date for the PlayStation 5, set for February 29, 2024.

Rebirth, the second game in Square Enix’s FF7 remake trilogy, is expected to arrive on PC about a year after the PS5’s two-disc release, as was the case with the first. A few months after the PS5 launch and more than one and a half years after its PS4 premiere, “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade” appeared on the Epic Games Store in December 2021.

Square Enix hinted at a probable PC release date in a subtly worded statement within the image: “Not available on other formats at least until 05.29.2024.” Even though this doesn’t confirm a definite PC release date, it does imply that a release sometime in that period may be reasonable to anticipate. This timeline would differ from the customary year-long exclusivity window and be closer to the time between the PS5 and PC editions of FF7 Remake. Celebrations must wait until a guaranteed release date for the PC, though.

In light of the trailer’s more considerable background, it might seem risky to create three experiences that are only slightly longer than each other by splitting a 1997 PlayStation RPG into three different games. However, it resembles Peter Jackson’s strategy with The Hobbit, where he enlarged the narrative by including extra information from the appendices. Square Enix appears to be handling this difficulty deftly as they work on Final Fantasy 7, ensuring that each chapter provides players a completeand rewarding experience.

“Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth” thoroughly embraces the idea of ‘open exploration’ while boasting a more affluent and more ambitious central storyline than its predecessor. ‘With engaging narratives, enjoyable minigames, dangerous foes, and innumerable hidden riches dispersed over the huge world map, we encourage you to delve deeper into this realm, where nearly 100 hours of adventure await,’ said director Naoki Hamaguchi.

Odin’s mount, often called “the most muscular horse of all time” within our team’s communicationchannels, and has undergone extensive muscle development due to Square Enix.

Years ago, when it was first released for the PC, I played the trapezoid-shaped boxed version of Final Fantasy 7. I could not finish the game because of an unavoidable crash in my voyage. Nevertheless, I can say with certainty that Cloud never got to enjoy riding a Segway in the original game; this is a unique addition shown in the trailer above. The rest of the trailer features iconic minigames and narrative passages from the first game, including the renowned Chocobo racing and a boxing minigame set in FF7’s recreation of Las Vegas.

The plot of Final Fantasy 7 is undoubtedly distinguished by the unforgettable incident of Aerith’s death, a well-known aspect of the tale. The developer statements posted on X also refer to this incident and how things might change in Rebirth.

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