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Hasbro Teams Up with Minecraft for NERF World DLC

Hasbro Teams Up with Minecraft for NERF World DLC

Hasbro, a well-known toy and game manufacturer, has collaborated with Minecraft to launch an exciting new gaming adventure. The Minecraft NERF World DLC combines users’ favorite NERF blasters with the iconic Minecraft universe, creating an immersive experience.

In this DLC, users can use NERF blasters to fight monsters in several arenas inspired by Minecraft settings. It offers a variety of activities that embody the essence of the NERF brand, such as blaster wars, a NERF-themed theater, and demanding parkour courses. As a spectacular climax, participants will face a boss inspired by the fearsome NERF Ender Dragon.

What distinguishes this DLC is the seamless incorporation of real-world products into the gameplay. Players can use the Minecraft-branded NERF Ender Dragon Blaster, now available at major retailers such as Walmart.

The Minecraft NERF World DLC will be available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition through the Minecraft Marketplace starting October 2, 2023. NERF has been a category leader for almost 55 years, consistently expanding its brand through creative products, digital gaming experiences, sports expansions, and other initiatives. This relationship with Minecraft helps to solidify NERF as a lifestyle brand that encourages social engagement and active play.

Minecraft, widely regarded as the best-selling video game of all time, attracts millions of players worldwide. Minecraft, emphasizing adventure and creativity, continues to captivate players with regular updates, spin-off games, instructional versions, and diverse consumer items. The game’s tremendous popularity has resulted in collaborations with various sectors, including the highly anticipated Minecraft film.

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