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Latest Rating Update for Minecraft on Xbox Series S|X

Latest Rating Update for Minecraft on Xbox Series S|X

Minecraft received a rating for the Xbox Series X|S consoles in the previous month, providing a preview of the much-awaited current version of the game. With hopes that additions like ray tracing would improve the adored Xbox game, gamers anxiously anticipated this edition.

Many fans hoped for a formal announcement during the Gamescom event after the original rating disclosure. To their dismay, though, the event made no mention of Minecraft. Despite this setback, the ESRB’s most recent rating has given the current-generation version of the game new life.


The relevance comes from games being updated and re-released to take advantage of the newer console generations’ more excellent capabilities. It seems appropriate for Minecraft to receive a similar upgrade to use the latest hardware’s capabilities, given its position as one of the most popular and influential games.

The possibility of an improved edition of the game seems feasible now that several rating sources are in use. Notably, ray tracing on Xbox Series S|X still needs to be supported in Minecraft despite its widely accepted functionality. This cutting-edge technology is already present in many recent Xbox console games.

Fans of Minecraft on the competent Xbox Series S|X consoles have been clamouring for a new version of the renowned sandbox game since the game has long supported ray tracing on PC.

However, the recent ratings have sparked hope that the long-awaited version will soon be released. With these ratings in place, an official announcement could likely occur soon, increasing expectations for a better Minecraft experience on the Xbox Series S|X.

The ESRB has a history of rating games as they get closer to release, occasionally leaking information about projects before it is officially announced. As a result, rumours about a new version of this popular game have already been sparked by the rating.

With a fantastic track record of selling over 200 million copies, Minecraft has maintained its position as an industry titan for over 13 years. It has firmly established itself as one of the market’s most popular and successful games.

The game has a history of being re-released; after its first release in 2009, it has appeared on several systems. There is a lot of excitement about what could be the most technologically advanced console edition of the game due to the possibility of a potential new iteration.

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