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Starfield Unveils Official DLSS Support, Game-Changing ‘Eat’ Button, and More!

Starfield Unveils Official DLSS Support, Game-Changing ‘Eat’ Button, and More!

Bethesda, the creator of Starfield, has highlighted many improvements that will be made, following the game’s first release.

According to a recent blog post from Bethesda, the initial patch for Starfield will only be a minor hotfix intended to fix a few of the most pressing issues currently being reported. According to the gaming community, players should expect a steady stream of updates that include “highly requested features” after this first patch.

The addition of DLSS support for PCs is one of these much-awaited additions; it is one of the most often requested updates by PC users. An “eat” button for food is another noteworthy inclusion. In Starfield, players currently cannot directly consume the food they come across in the game environment. The addition of an eat button is anticipated to streamline this aspect of gameplay and help players save significant time.

New Features to Explore the Starfield Solar System:

  • Improvements to the Brightness and Contrast Controls
  • Nvidia DLSS Support
  • HDR Calibration Menu and Slider (Only on PC)
  • Support for 32:9 Ultrawide Monitors
  • The Food’s “Eat” Button

Furthermore, Bethesda has stated its intention to add thorough city maps to Starfield later. Many players have taken matters into their own hands and made their custom maps in response to the widespread criticism of the present minimalistic layouts.

As part of its collaborative efforts with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to ensure strong driver support, Bethesda also emphasized how each game update improved the game’s stability and performance.

Bethesda also reaffirmed its dedication to offering built-in mod support, comparable to the Creations system in Skyrim and Fallout 4, which will be available on all platforms and is scheduled to ship in early 2024. Bethesda appreciates the vibrant PC modding scene and is open to suggestions on improving Starfield’s modding environment.

Bethesda appreciates the lively community interaction and passion for modding inside Starfield. They understand that innovation and modding are essential components of their games.

The Starfield universe is bustling with activity. The game has drawn an incredible six million players since its release, establishing its position as Bethesda’s most significant game launch. Players have figured out how to create ships that the AI can’t hit, found several in-jokes about games like Skyrim, and used a tonne of potatoes to demonstrate the “mind-blowing” physics.

IGN provides a thorough tutorial on installing Starfield mods for those who want to dig into the world of Starfield modding. Here is a list of necessary activities to start your adventure, if you are just starting on your Starfield voyage.

According to IGN’s review, despite a rocky beginning and several fundamental annoyances, players are drawn to Starfield because of its “immense amount of quality roleplaying quests and interesting NPCs”.

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