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Intel Core i5-14600K Leak Sparks Mid-Range CPU Excitement

Intel Core i5-14600K Leak Sparks Mid-Range CPU Excitement

By all indications, these chips have excellent overclocking capability. If yesterday’s revelations regarding the Core i5-14600K had you enthused about its possibilities, a recent rush of new leaks would further heighten your excitement.

A trio of Geekbench scores for the 14600K have been highlighted by VideoCardz, confirming that its core configuration will stay the same as the 13600K. However, it will see a 200MHz rise in clock speed, reaching an astonishing 5.3GHz.

One particularly unusual Geekbench result, obtained on a PC equipped with a Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Master X motherboard, shows clock speeds ranging from 5.3GHz to an astounding 5.7GHz. The last consequence strongly indicates that the tester was overclocking, representing a significant increase in clock rates above the default boost frequency (however, these findings should be interpreted with caution).

The Geekbench results are consistent with what was published in yesterday’s leak, which we already mentioned. They claim that the 14600K outperforms its predecessor by around 5% in single-core performance and slightly more than 10% in multi-core performance. However, recent leaks showed that the multi-core gain could be closer to 15%.

When overclocked to 5.7GHz, we saw an 8% increase in multi-core performance (and slightly over 1% for single-core). This suggests that the overclocked chip is around 20% faster than the 13600K running at stock frequencies. While this isn’t a straight comparison owing to the overclocking, it’s still interesting to see the performance difference.

Indications of Significant Overclocking Potential

The consistency in stories about the next-generation Raptor Lake Refresh processors potentially delivering strong overclocking capability lends credence to this new leak.

To refresh your recollection, the 14700K, another much-awaited CPU in the 14th generation alongside the 14600K, has been pushed to an astonishing near-6GHz overclock. It’s worth mentioning that this is a Core i7 processor, which outperforms the Core i9-13900K’s default clock speeds.

The critical missing element of the jigsaw, though, is how much of a performance boost these overclocks might provide and the specifics of the cooling techniques used. Nonetheless, based on the evidence, the potential performance improvement appears significant.

Despite Intel’s notably low-key approach to revealing the Raptor Lake Refresh lineup, with limited information circulating about these next-gen CPUs just two weeks before their theoretical launch, there are still glimmers of hope for some impressive chips in the series. This hope endures despite reports of only minor performance gains.

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