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Starfield Tops Sales Even Before Launch as Fans Pay for Early Access

Starfield Tops Sales Even Before Launch as Fans Pay for Early Access

Even before its official release, Starfield is already creating a stir in the gaming community by claiming the top spots on the Xbox sales charts and attracting many interested gamers to Steam.

According to VG247, Game Pass subscribers are eagerly swarming to the Xbox Store, and are willing to spend an extra $31.49 to have early access to Starfield, part of the Premium Edition upgrade.

In addition to some bonus material, this version offers the desired chance to play the game before its scheduled launch on September 6. The Premium Edition upgrade is currently the best-selling item on the Microsoft Stores in the United States and the United Kingdom.

By making Starfield and other exclusives available on Game Pass from day one, Microsoft made a smart choice that helped offset some of the potential sales revenue lost. With this strategy, Microsoft can satisfy both of its desires.

Even to acquire early access on Steam is to pay $100 for the full Premium Edition, fans are nonetheless eager to participate. Data from SteamDB shows that despite the Premium Edition’s constantly declining pricing, Starfield attained a peak concurrent player count of almost 245,000. Daily peak numbers also steadily increased between September 1 and 3.

Beyond its excellent sales record, Starfield’s early access phase has delivered several surprises. Amazingly, even though the game has not yet been released, a player has already finished it in less than three hours.

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